Thursday, February 16, 2012

Luxury Safari to Thompson's Falls Kenya

One of the top destinations for luxury travel, honeymoon travel or Family safari in Kenya is Thompson’s falls. It is located in Nyahururu town which is about 180km from Nairobi. It also happens to be along the road that leads to Samburu National park, from Nakuru, and hence one can make a stop over while enroute to another lovely tourist destination, which hosts lots of wildlife, birds and natural vegetation. The falls is along the River Ewaso Narok which springs from the slopes Aberdare Mountain Ranges. Its height is about 72m. The name comes from the Joseph Thompson a geologist from Scotland, who turned out to be first European to come across it.

The is an artificial view point, where nature lovers can enjoy the scenic view that the magnificent falling water present notwithstanding the unforgettable sound of the dropping water as it comes into contacts with the rocks. A descent to the foot of the falls would be a fun expedition from where you watch the water falling and splashing from above. The setting is evergreen with indigenous trees, providing a cool shade. It also provides a natural habitat for birds and baboons and hence one can enjoy the sight of the lovely weavers and sparrows while listening to them chirp, not forgetting the baboons swinging from tree to tree amidst their chattering.

There is a beautiful lawn with well cut grass near the view point. It also comes with wooden and stone curved benches where tourists can relax, under the shades of the towering trees. There are also plenty of swings and slides where children can play. Activities to engage in while here include short camel rides, dancing with locals dressed in Traditional African wear, holding mock weapons such as spears, machetes and clubs. One can also buy curio, paintings, clothing, ornaments and other African art from the nearby curio shops.

The Thompson Falls Lodge is a luxurious hotel which offers incredibly delicious meals. The service here is top class plus lots of other facilities. There are posh lounges with fireplaces for warmth during the nights. Here, one can relax while listening to the splashing water in the nearby distance. It would be a perfect place to have honeymoon in Kenya or a quiet and relaxed holiday while in Kenya.

There is also a hippo view point upstream. The enormous beasts are best viewed in the evenings when they emerge to the surface of the water in readiness of grazing later on in the night. One will certainly enjoy as the hippos come to the surface of the water, take a deep breath and disappear below again. There is also the occasional opening of their huge mouths wide enough to immerse a human head, in a show of might and intimidation. The pool hosts over 30 hippos.

A considerable distance from Nyahururu town is the Lake Ol-borosat, which also hosts lots of hippos and birds. There is also the Aberdare National Park which harbors various wild animals such elephants, buffaloes, impalas, antelopes, kongonis, dikdiks, zebras and so much more. The slopes of the Aberdare Mountains are also very clearly visible.