Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exploring Europe with Pegasus Airlines

Historic, vibrant, romantic and mystical, when it comes to a vacation of a lifetime, not much places can beat Europe. Explore some of the most romantic cities in the world including Paris, London, Vienna, Venice and Rome. Visit millennium old historic monuments such as the Acropolis, the Colosseum, Vatican City and the Stonehenge. Relax and sunbath in the gorgeous beaches of Skiathos. Indulge in pure holiday shopping in Paris, London and Madrid. A vacation in Europe will leave you breathless. 

When it comes to exploring this amazing continent, Pegasus Airlines serves as an excellent choice. One of Europe’s most favorite low cost airlines, Pegasus Airlines has always been popular among budget travelers. With Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul as its main hub, Pegasus Airlines flies to some of the hottest destinations in Europe. The best part about exploring Europe with Pegasus Airlines is you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune.
Here is a list of places you can visit and activities you can pursue when planning your Europe vacation with Pegasus Airlines

Travel Back in Time in Athens
Fall in love with the mystical history of Athens. Athens’s is one of the most historic cities in the planet and exploring this city will take you on a trip back in time. Visit the Erechtheion, built between 421 and 406 BC and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a stone theatre built around 161 AD. Enjoy browsing world-class museums such as the National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum and the Numismatic Museum. Athens is a haven for history buffs.

Pure Holiday Shopping in Milan
Indulge in a pure holiday shopping this vacation in Milan. A city swarmed with world-class shopping areas, filled with some of the biggest names in fashion, it’s not a wonder why Milan has always been a favorite among shopaholics. Shoppers head straight to Quadrilatero d’Oro, Milan’s main shopping area and home to brands like Ralf Lauren, Prada, Kalvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino and Armani, just to name a few. Visit during January and July, when the stores gives out huge discounts.
A Romantic Getaway in Paris
Rated as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris attracts couples from across the globe to celebrate their love and add more spark to their relationship. For couples, Paris had myriad of activities to offer, right from leisurely stroll along the banks of Seine and catching an action packed horse race at the Hippodrome de Longcham to a guided bicycle tour of the city. For nightlife, you and your beloved with have some of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Do make sure to enjoy a night out at the Altitude 95 restaurant, nested in Eiffel Tower. Paris also happens to be the home to the luxurious Hotel Le A, Hôtel Ritz and the Four Seasons Hotel George V, which are known for offering the best of modern day luxury and comfort perfectly blended with traditional hospitality.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top Outdoor wedding venues in Kenya

Imagine an open setting, with lovely roses, daffodils, and purple forget-me-not flowers growing nearby, well mowed grass, cool gentle breeze whizzing by, and lovely trees in the near distance. Accompany that with the sound of sweet music and wedding bells. Your dream wedding’s setting. The best place to exchange your wedding vows. Well, there are so many lovely gardens in Kenya where this can happen.

The Zen Gardens, located in spring’s valley in Nairobi, are luxuriant gardens with cascading water features, making them a perfect venue for a romantic wedding. The tropical atmosphere, several ponds, plants creeping around the walkways that welcome guest adds to the touch of class. In addition, there are three restaurants, each offering something unique to clients.

The Safari park hotel is situated along Thika road, a short distance from Nairobi’s CBD. There is open 50 acre area of green parkland, with sparkling water gardens, and artificial waterfalls, offering a magnificent and scenic setting. The hotel also has ballrooms, restaurants, honeymoon suites, and offer a variety of wines and menus. There is also an in-house band with dancers. The hotel can cater for the services, leaving you to enjoy your big day.

The Windsor golf club and country club is located in the green and leafy suburbs, just a few minutes drive from Nairobi’s CBD. The whole setting is enclosed by green coffee bushes and an indigenous forest in the distance. There is also the magnificent view of Mount Kenya from afar. This will be accompanied by the lovely singing of birds I the distance. There is a hotel, restaurants and a pool. The vast open grounds are all green and well mowed, as they host golf tournaments.

The Karen Blixen Museum is located in the leafy Karen suburb, in the outskirts of Nairobi a distance of 10km. the farm around rests at the foot of the Ngong hills. The grounds were the setting of the shooting of the movie ‘Out of Africa’. The place is serene, has a touch of nature at its best, has cool air and is good for an outdoor wedding event.

Imagine exchanging wedding vows in the African Jungle. Yes, the Nairobi safari walk presents the ideal place to hold a wedding in the breath taking scenery of a game park. It is located a few kilometers from Nairobi’s CBD, next to the Nairobi National Park, the only park in the city that is next to a major city.
The Kenyan coast also has lots of lovely beaches where lovers can have the day of their life next to the blue ocean waters, under the lovely coconut palms on the white sand and in the sound of the waves. The Diani beach resort is one of the best places to experience this dream start to your marriage.