Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Airport Guide to Belfast International Airport

Belfast international airport is Ireland’s second busiest airport after Dublin. The airport is considered the gateway to Belfast, a city known to have a troubled past. Easily accessible from Northern Ireland and a ferry trip away from England, there are many ways of travelling to and from Belfast airport using various modes of transport.  With Belfast becoming a popular travel destination for weekend breaks, there are also a lot of  European carriers  which provide huge discount on airline tickets for various destination.
The airport provides facilities for business, disabled and children travelers. Those who wish to drive to the airport find the route easily accessible because of different signs posted on the roads. These are the different ways of reaching Belfast airport.
·         Car: Travelling to airport by car is considered a convenient option. If you have a personal car then there are a lot of cheap parking options available at the airport, else you can always hire a car.
·         Train: You can also travel by train. Nearest services operate from Antrim which is six miles from the Belfast international airport. If you want to travel to Dublin, then you can choose express train from the Belfast station.
·         Coach: You can also reach the Belfast airport from national express which operates throughout UK and is also considered a reliable option. For detailed information on its timings and services, you can also check their website.
·         Taxi: Travelling by taxi is convenient and fast but is considered a tad expensive when compared to other options. There are more than 250 companies that offer taxi services to Belfast and its surrounding areas.
By housing many low cost carriers (Easy jet, Thomas Cook etc), Belfast is trying hard to establish itself as a prominent travel destination especially for short vacations and going by the response, the plan certainly seems to have worked.

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